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  • Welcome to Maximizing the Use of the Landscape Partnership Portal.

    The Landscape Partnership portal helps landscape practitioners and stewards find each other – and the resources they need – to support working lands and conservation efforts across the nation.

    Landowners and conservation professionals from any agency, organization or industry can:

    • Identify technical experts who are available to provide assistance
    • View and download online learning materials
    • Share technical information
    • Find out about partnership activities and newly funded projects
    • Host GIS mapping products and a variety of decision-support tools

    It is an interactive online space that allows stakeholders to share and disseminate open resources and collaborate with one another to adapt, reuse, and apply these resources in the field. These resources include:

    • Spatial data
    • Conservation tools
    • Landscape models
    • Training videos
    • Online courses
    • Documents, reports, publications, and more

    The Landscape Partnership portal has been designed to provide integrated capabilities not found elsewhere to serve partnership communities and assist them in achieving their goals by identifying shared areas of interest, developing the tools and products necessary for action, and helping coordinate conservation delivery.

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    Course Contents

    • What is the Landscape Partnership Portal?
    • Welcome to the Landscape Partnership Portal
    • Collaboration and Communication Tools Available in the Portal
    • Showcase Your Expertise in the Portal
    • Build Your Network with the Portal Expertise Directory
    • Quiz
    • Certificate of Completion


    Upon completing this course, users will have a general understanding of:

    • What the Landscape Partnership is
    • Who the Landscape Partnership is for
    • Tools provided by the Landscape Partnership
    • Services provided by the Landscape Partnership
    • How to join the Landscape Partnership
    • Landscape Partnership Workspaces

    Technical Requirements

    You will need Adobe Reader and the ability to stream videos with sound.

  • Module 1: What is the Landscape Partnership Portal?

  • Module 2: Welcome to the Landscape Partnership Portal

    The Landscape Partnership is a diverse, active, and collaborative community of practice for resource management and scientific partners to tackle landscape-level issues across the nation.

    Much like an ecosystem, we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: by working together at a landscape-level, partners are better able to protect essential ecosystem services, create sustainable working lands, and enhance biodiversity.

    This interactive portal helps partners find each other, identify collective priorities, share resources and tools, and coordinate efforts for landscape-level conservation and sustainable working lands.

  • Module 3: Collaboration and Communication Tools Available in the Portal

    You can read A Guide to Workspace Collaboration and Communication Tools online or download the PDF.

    This guide is designed to provide suggested tools to help Partners:

    • Develop and deliver science to inform conservation actions at scales that make a lasting difference for people and wildlife.
    • Enhance our quality of life, help communities become resilient to environmental change and natural disasters, and sustain the natural and cultural resources we care about.
    • Bring together different organizations, expertise, science and sectors to tackle long-term conservation challenges.

  • Module 4: Become Part of the Landscape Partnership Community

    The Landscape Partnership members are agencies, organizations and partnerships whose web presence is primarily within the Landscape Partnership (LP) portal.

    Scientists and other experts from federal and state agencies, nonprofit organizations, sovereign tribal governments, and conservation coalitions provide technical content and applied science to other participants through this portal. Members receive special support from the site administrator in their own private workspaces.

    The portal provides space for your online courses, webinars, and training materials. You can request development of online courses, which can include multimedia, quizzes, certificates of completion, and more.

  • Module 5: Showcase Your Expertise and Build Your Network in the Portal

    The Expertise Directory is a searchable database that simplifies the process of identifying collaborators for research, funding, and projects. It provides users with access to nonprofit leaders, scientists, academics, conservation agency staff, farmers, and landowners.

    This tutorial shows you how to set up your own expertise profile, use the profile and map search tools, and export your search results.

  • Assessment Quiz

    Test your knowledge of the Landscape Partnership portal with a quiz.

  • Certificate of Completion

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