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  • Welcome to Pre-Listing Conservation.

    This video series will focus mostly on the policy and policy implementation considerations process covered in the previous course, Species Status Assessment Framework. There is a single module and a total of ten videos.


    The pre-listing conservation provides the policy foundation for our work and if possible, criteria to demonstrate effective implementation and effectiveness to preclude listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Policy for the Evaluation of Conservation Efforts (PECE) that guides our section 4 (b)(1)(A) analysis.

    We use the term “pre‑listing conservation” interchangeably with our at‑risk species work: two terms for essentially the same thing.  The focus is to consider species that are not yet listed, but we examine if we might change the trajectory of a listing determination through some targeted and well thought out conservation. This describes a generalized workflow model that we have for working through at‑risk species conservation planning and collaborative conservation work in the field.

    The species status assessments (SSAs) changed the way the Service takes on the listing process.  In particular, Fish and Wildlife Service’s (Service) listing actions separate the listing decision‑making process from the biological assessment process. Previously, the processes were intertwined and it was challenging for federal staff to engage people outside the Service to help inform or improve some of the scientific review. 

    The Species Status Assessment process tries to separate those things and allow more expertise to engage in the particulars about a species.  It's intended to modify the way we do biological assessments that inform endangered species decisions and primarily coming out as listing, but we are using it for all aspects of the endangered species work.

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  • Module 1. Policy and Implementation

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