Topic outline

    • Welcome to the Grazing Gone Native Podcast presented by the American Forage and Grassland Council.

      Native warm-season forages are not widely known in the eastern U.S. As a result, reliable science- and experience-based information is not readily available. The purpose of this Resource Center is to provide science-based information on native warm-season forages and to present firsthand experiences from producers who are using native warm-season forages in their grazing systems. The intent is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to determine if native warm-season forages are a good fit for your grazing operation.

  • Introduction to Grazing Gone Native

    Join co-hosts Kyle Brazil and Jef Hodges as they interview producers, researchers, agency and industry personnel, sharing their knowledge about and experiences with native warm-season forages. Kyle and Jef layout the roadmap for the podcast and visit with Ronnie Holman, President of the BOD for AFGC.

  • Episode 1: What and Why

    Dr. Pat Keyser, Professor and Director of the Center for Native Grasslands Management at the University of Tennessee talks about the most common native warm-season forages and why a producer would consider incorporating them into their grazing system.

  • Episode 2: Dustin and Kelly Talk About Their First Time

    Dustin and Kelly Humphrey, cow-calf operators in west-central Missouri talk about their first time grazing native warm-season forages.

  • Episode 3: Grass Bytes Featuring Humphrey

    A clip of the Humphrey podcast.

  • Episode 4: Drexel Atkisson Shares 30 Years

    Drexel Atkisson provides his insight from 30 years of working with native warm-season grasses, the last 10 years as part of his overall grazing system.

  • Episode 5: CRP to Grazing

    David Haubein talks about transitioning CRP to grazing, grazing remnant native prairie, animal performance and soil amendments, plus more.

  • Episode 6: Technical and Financial Assistance

  • Episode 7: Starting Out with a Grazing System

    Steve Clubine, producer from West-central Missouri and retired grassland biologist discusses starting out with a grazing system and animal performance.

  • Episode 8: 40 Years of Knowledge with Dr. Pat Keyser

    Dr. Pat Keyser, Director of the Center for Native Grasslands Management shares his 40+ year knowledge about establishing native warm-season forages.

  • Episode 9: Missouri Producer Shares Warm Season Forage Story

    Ron Locke, retired military, turned cattleman introduced native warm-season forages into his rotational grazing system in 2005. Ron shares his observations and experiences grazing NWSF in his grazing system.

  • Episode 10: Grazing with Grace

    Jim Grace discusses grazing and managing eastern gamagrass, as well as big bluestem and Indian grass as forages, providing 30 years of experience, mingling in some grazing management philosophies.

  • Episode 11: Buying Seed & Establishing Native Warm-Season Grasses

    John Seymour from Roundstone Native Seed Company shares a seedsman’s perspective of native forages, talks about buying seed and establishing native warm-season grasses.

  • Episode 12: North Carolina Producers Survey

    Jason Smith with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Agency shares the results of a survey conducted of North Carolina producers who average 10 years experience haying or grazing native warm-season forages.

  • Episode 13: Grazing Small Ruminants

    Kirsten Robertson, South Carolina small ruminant producer shares her journey with grazing small ruminants and native warm-season forages. As a result of her grazing management, which includes native grasses, has eliminated the need for deworming.