Module 2: Review Session

Now that you have viewed the instructional video and completed the hands-on activity, we are going to review the information that was covered.

  • The web-based mapping tool of this energy assessment combines multiple layers of data on energy development trends and important natural resource and ecosystem services, to give a more comprehensive picture of what potential energy development could look like in the Appalachians.
  • The tool shows where energy development is most likely to occur and indicates areas where such development may intersect with other significant values like intact forests, important streams, and vital ecological services such as drinking water supplies.
  • Users are able to download data from the Energy Forecast Model to be used in a local GIS system.
  • The Energy Forecast Model web application does not allow users to upload additional data layers.
  • The Energy Forecast Model web application does not allows users to perform their own custom analysis. There are some analysis layers already included within the web application, but these cannot be altered by users.